Very elegant rattan lounge, consisting of a sofa, two large armchairs, a table and a pedestal table.

This high quality furniture has a pattern with parallel or radiant stripes alternating a turquoise blue, a natural tone and a contrasting midnight blue. The seat backs are composed of medallions resting on perforated patterns joining the seat. The armrests are treated the same with interlacing.

The table and the pedestal table are decorated with bands echoing the seats of both the sofa and the armchairs. They prevent the monotony of the trays and give a very graphic style to the whole set.

Perret and Vibert

Alfred Perret founded in 1879 in Paris a house specialized in the production of bamboo and luxury basketry furniture as well as in the importation of authentically Japanese objects destined for a well-off and Parisian clientele.

In 1886, the company was taken over by the son of Alfred Perret and Ernest Vibert. The company becomes “Perret and Vibert” and will take the name “House of Bamboos” in the early 1890s.

Perret and Vibert, true creators of their time, participate in the 1889 World Fair taking place in Paris and win two silver medals. Following this first exhibition, they exhibit in various events: in 1894 at the Universal, International and Colonial Exhibition of Lyon and at the Tuileries Horticultural Exhibition, in 1900 again at the Universal Exhibition of Paris.

The Bamboo House enjoys a reputation well beyond the borders of France. The most important characters of the world scene visit their shop and furnish their homes with the achievements of Perret and Vibert. Thus, the Empress Eugenie, the Princess Mathilde, the Duke of Montmorency but also Vanderbilt, the Japanese marshal Yamagata, the queen of Portugal and the king of Greece Georges I honor Perret and Vibert of their visits and regular purchases.

The whole set has been restored and is in perfect condition.


Longueur : 64 cm
Largeur : 44 cm