Art Deco Sofa, begining of the 20th Century 

This upholstered gray/green sofa pulls all its originality from the shape of its back. Its padded godrums which creates its rhythm originate from the base of the armrests and flourish to the top of the back in the manner of the ribs of a shell. The bean-shaped seat is embellished with a belt of fringes, pendants and trimmings declined by pompons to the armrests and the corners of the cushions.

The overall appearance of these curves and generous lines inspires a feeling of comfort and the decorative details a feeling of opulence. The elegance of this item allows to blend it in Second Empire decor as well as in a contemporary interior to which it would bring a tasty contrast.



Height : 83 cm
Width : 145 cm
Height of seat : 45 cm