Bamboo Set with Wood Marquetry, Perret & Vibert, France 

This set was created by Perret & Vibert House, also known as La Maison aux bambous, founded in 1872 in Paris. From the very beginning, the Manufacture offers a variety of objects in the Chinese style as well as many furniture, chairs, tables made of bamboo. They combine Asian inspired materials and shapes for Western customers. Other set of this type are also known to be adorned with silk or lacquer panels.

This bamboo lounge consists of a pair of armchairs, a pair of chairs, to which we have added a clothing rack and a table (visible in the photos below). The originality of this bamboo salon is due in particular to the work of wood marquetry, present on the backrests of the armchairs. The lines of the set easily suggest appropriation of Asia’s patterns and forms.



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