Baroque Chairs, begining of the XXe Century  

Here is two identical chairs forming a pair carved in solid wood. Shapes and patterns directly inspired by nature give real momentum to the composition. This abundant decor is inhabited by two birds flying and spewing strings of pearls.

The work of sculpture evokes the shapes of the rococo furniture. This style that flourished in the early years of the reign of Louis XV (1715 – 1774) is recognizable by the preference for slender shapes and carved reliefs. The straight lines and angles are abandoned for inspired and diverted shapes from nature. A second influence from the Indo-Iranian world and Persian miniatures can be interpreted in the pattern of birds with string of pearls that express a sense of abundance. Thus, the style of these chairs datable from the early twentieth century cleverly combines styles, eras and cultures to offer an original and timeless creation.


Fauteuils : H 128 cm  / La 59 cm / Pr 54 cm / H assise 48 cm