Turquoise Flowerpot, Clément Massier, circa 1900

This sumptuous large turquoise flowerpot cover by Clément Massier testifies to the know-how of the Vallauris factories, pushed to its point of perfection by Clément Massier, who introduced the metal iridescence technique. Round in shape, this pot cover with handles pointed upwards remains very original. The iridescents at the top of the ceramic introduce a delicate gradation; in a golden and turquoise bichromy particularly appreciated by the artist. Moorish influences appear on the surface of this precious object, echoing Massier’s taste for collecting. The omnipresence of the flowerpot cover in Clément Massier’s production led him to constantly renew his repertoire; to produce variants, the most delicate of which are in the image of this model in metallic lustre.

Clément Massier left Vallauris for Golfe-Juan in 1883. Searching to free himself from a competition that was beginning to shade him, he chose a strategic site, a place where a new tourist clientele would pass through: his new factory in Golfe-Juan attracted a very wealthy cosmopolitan clientele. Clément Massier’s ceramics are appreciated for their formal originality: he was able to surround himself with brilliant collaborators, including the painter Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer (1865-1953) who worked with him from 1887 to 1895 and directed the production towards an Art Nouveau repertoire. A collector of Hispano-Moorish ceramics, he researched metallic reflections and succeeded in considerably broadening the range of colours, this turquoise flowerpot cover is a perfect illustration of this.


Height: 33 cm
Width: 46 cm