Japanese Inspired Flowerpot , Toul-Bellevue (attributed to), end of 19th century

This japanese inspired flowerpot  in lacquered biscuit with an original zing inside is close to the works produced by the Faïencerie of Toul-Bellevue. It is circular in shape and rests on three legs. The paunch of the vase is black. All around, Asian reference drawings are affixed. There are stylized fans or rolls of paper (the paper being of Asian origin) of pale pink color. Butterflies, a bird or branches decorated with flowers are found on its elements. Around the edges, golden flowers and leaves contrast with the dark background of the planter. The colors are shimmering giving much relief to the composition since contrasting chromatically with the black background. On the collar, vegetal motifs recall the drawings of the pouch. The choice of a Japanese repertoire illustrates the attraction of 19th century artists to the Far East.  


Height: 22 cm
Length: 32 cm