Large Bamboo Chair, Perret and Vibert, France, circa 1880

This large bamboo chair was manufactured by Perret and Vibert, also known as La Maison des bambous, it was founded in 1872 in Paris. The influence of the house is dazzling and it will be rewarded several times at the Wolrd’s Fair. The company offers from the beginning a variety of objects in Chinese taste as well as many furniture, chairs, tables made of bamboo and braided rush. They combine materials and shapes inspired by Asia for a Western clientele.

This large bamboo chair is composed of a large openwork back and decorated with tapestry that can also be found on the seat. The originality of this large bamboo chair is notably due to the root feet of the bamboo at the high ends of the chair. The lines of this large bamboo chair easily suggest the appropriation of Asian patterns and forms by the Perret and Vibert House. 


Height : 130 cm
Width : 41  cm
Depth : 50 cm