Majolica Centerpiece with Frogs, Delphin Massier, Vallauris, end of 19th

This majolica centerpiece with frogs is signed under the base “Delphin Vallauris”. These pieces are typical of Massier production in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These humorous decorative sculptures were declined in isolated pieces or in more important compositions singing serenades.

The Renaissance vocabulary is particularly appreciated and is perfectly adapted to the monumental and decorative aspect of Delphin Massier’s creations: scrolls, friezes of ova, Greek or water leaves, chimeras, griffins and other grotesque figures have a prominent place. Ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome and Italian majolica are all sources of inspiration for the Massiers.

To these eclectic influences, it is necessary to underline the importance of the fauna and flora in the shapes of the pieces of Delphin. The latter favours a local and colourful fauna like grasshoppers and flamingos. The flowers are treated naturally and turn into brightly coloured planters.


Lenght : 35 cm
Height: 13 cm