Minton, Stock-on-Trent, Majolica Bracket “Three Graces”

Brackets meant to support vases or figurines became very popular in the 1840’s in England. This vogue was certainly encouraged by a new interest for Parian figurines (unglazed porcelain) and a taste for 17th and 18th century French furniture and decoration. The first brackets made at Minton & Co (Stoke-on-Trent) were in parian or in porcelain and very much indebted to models in gilded wood or bronze of the past centuries. These brackets have first been made in the 1840’s, in different sizes from 30 to 60 cm high. At the beginning of the 1850’s, Minton & Co started to produce them in majolica, this technique perfected by the French ceramicist Louis Solon. Colorful, Galerie Vauclair’s bracket shows the quality reached by Minton factory. This model has very likely been shown at the 1851 Universal exhibition in London.


Height : 35 cm
Width : 33 cm