Neoclassical Planter with Medallions, Minton Manufacture, circa 1860

This brightly coloured neoclassical planter reflects the exceptional creative spirit that reigned at the Minton factory during the second half of the 19th century. This planter alone brings together many of the characteristics of Stoke-on-Trent’s work: the bright and brilliant colours (typical turquoise, layette pink, golden yellow), the abundance of decoration and the classic references are emblematic components of the object’s style.

This model, which uses a Greek typology for form (kernos vase, initially devoted to the liturgy), consists of a bulging body on a circular base, with a round neck at the top that widens slightly. The base is decorated with trompe l’oeil decorations: ribbon and rope motifs that surround the base. The body of the vase is the result of an antique iconography on coloured majolica: two portraits in medallions alternate on two opposite sides, using Roman-inspired profiles in the form of cameos. The neck of the vase is decorated with a Greek frieze, similar to those found on the necks of ancient ceramics: through its iconography, this vase bears witness to the rise of Greek taste, a major component of 19th century decorative arts.


Height: 34 cm
Diameter: 29 cm