Striped Planter, Montigny-sur-Loing, circa 1870

This striped planter decorated with mascarons is stamped with the initials of Montigny-sur-Loing. Rectangular in shape and resting on four legs, the planter narrows into a wide oval at the level of the neck. The four corners of the object are decorated with medallions in relief representing four mythological figures, enhanced by scrolls and shell motifs: this iconography blends a Renaissance heritage of rockery ambitions (18th century). The grimaceous faces with undulating hair betray satyr profiles, recognizable by their goat horns. The bichromy of this piece represents all its interest: the plain blue of the slip for the medallion handles is matched by blue and white stripes on the  of the object. This marine aspect is reinforced by the scroll patterns on the corners, reminiscent of waves licking the planter’s neck. Amazing by its singular modernity, this object comes from the ovens of Montigny-sur-Loing, and is attributed to the artist Louis-Eugène Schopin who used to rehabilitate this neo-Renaissance iconography.


Height: 23,5 cm
Width:40 cm