Massier Factory, Vallauris, Large Rooster Vase, circa 1890

Large rooster vase testifying to the colourful and whimsical production of the Massiers at Vallauris. Of an unusual size, this rare piece is quite typical of the Massier’s work. We find there in particular the attention to the color used in the manner of a real painting, full of vibrations and luminosity.

It is through the prism of Japonimse that the success of the rooster motif in the production of artistic ceramics in the second half of the 19th century must be understood. It appeared in 1859-1860 in the Collection of Drawings for Art and Industry, engraved and published by Eugène Victor Collinot and Adalbert de Beaumont.

The Massiers are not the first ceramists to individualize the motif of therooster in earthenware. Before them, Theodore Deck, his tried it, as well as his student Edmond Lachenal. Choisy-le-Roi, with the help of sculptors Louis Carrier-Belleuse and Paul Comoléra, specialized in ceramic animal sculpture.


Height : 85 cm
Width : 52 cm