Parrot and Grasshopper, Delphin Massier, Vallauris, circa 1890

This pretty parrot and grasshopper vase is composed of a trompe-l’oeil bamboo branch on which are installed one magnificent parrot with a silky coat and soft eyes. A grasshopper is placed on the bamboo branch. No animosity is visible in the eyes of this parrot. The folded wings and quiet attitude create an atmosphere of peace and joy. This piece is presented in a very simple way. The beauty of the colors is enhanced by a transparent glaze.

Like most important Massier’s pieces, nature is the main source of inspiration. In this respect, Delphin Massier’s work is perfectly in line with the Parisian Art Nouveau movement. This ornamental vocabulary is part of the renewal of the decorative arts at the end of the century. The orientalist current also affects the production of the Massiers. Here, the parrot evokes an exotic universe and the idealized vision that artists have of it.



Height: 50 cm
Width: 35 cm