Raging Parrot, Delphin Massier, circa 1890

This raging parrot with its wings spread out, unbalanced on a bamboo stem, adopts a fearful attitude. A small mouse, which he stares at carefully, seems to be the cause of his fear. This disproportion aims to portray the animal world with a description of its vicissitudes and hazards. In this ceramic with its shimmering colors and striking realism, the different textures are carefully rendered in order to play on the variety of materials: the silky plumage of the bird and the roughness of the legs.

Like most important Massier’s pieces, nature is the main source of inspiration. In this respect, Delphin Massier’s work is perfectly in line with the Parisian Art Nouveau movement. This ornamental vocabulary is part of the renewal of the decorative arts at the end of the century. The orientalist current also affects the production of the Massiers. Here, the parrot evokes an exotic universe and the idealized vision that artists have of it.


Height: 52 cm
Width: 50 cm