“From exotic to fantastic” from September 6 to the end of October & Mondial des Puces “Fantastic Flea Markets” at Paul Bert Market (Path 6 Booth 79). 

September will be exotic and fantastic for Galerie Vauclair. Exotic at 24 rue de Beaune where Mr and Mrs Hamilton, couple of collectors who lived in 19 Century will reveal a part of their collection in their burmese garden and house. Will be fantastic at the Flea Market in Saint-Ouen where extraordinary objets will be presented during the Nocturnal from September 16 to September 18.

6-14 September – 9ème Parcours de la Céramique – 24 rue de Beaune 75007 Paris

16-17-18 September- Mondial des Puces – ” Les Puces Fantastiques”. 96 rue des Rosiers – Path 6 Booth 79 – 93400 Saint Ouen.