In 2003, Laurence Vauclair conquered Paris. Following in the footsteps of the greatest, she opened her own gallery in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, to complement her already famous stall at Saint-Ouen Flea Market.

For twenty years now, with passion and audacious; Laurence has been reviving in the heart of Paris the laste for the Winter Garden, a new language, a 194 century baroque,which she was privy to. For twenty years she has been sharing it and making it available to anyone opening the door
of her gallery.

If this new gallery proved to be a successful venture for Laurence, this was largely thanks to the strong duo she forms with her husband Denis Rouquette. Denis is the activator of Laurence’s dreams, the man who makes her wildest ideas feasible.

For 20 years, the Carré Rive Gauche gallery has become a key venue for Parisian decoration events, including Paris Design Week, Paris Déco Off and Maison&Objet.

Together, Laurence and Denis have taken paths never before trodden by antique dealers, celebrating bold collaborations in the fields of craft art (Fromental, L’Atelier du Mur, Roseus Barbatus) and contemporary creation (Laura Gonzalez, Pierre Gonalons, Sandra Benhamou).

The future projects of the Galerie Vauclair are in the image of these magical antique dealers: unpredictable, sublime and deeply human. This year, Laurence and Denis are celebrating 20 years of ingenuity, festivities and loyalty in their boutique in the Carré Rive gauche…