Porcelain rooster, signed Paul Comoléra père, 1883

This impressive cockerel in cookie, very naturalistic, is inserted within a bestiary in movement of Paul Comoléra. The piece is signed by Paul Comoléra père, and dated 1883. The rooster is a recurring subject for Comoléra, who was used to sculpting poultry, birds and other birds such as the Houdan hen in earthenware, plaster or bisque.

The crowing animal, the leg levitating above a sheaf of wheat and a bunch of grapes are all symbols of growth and abundance. The theme of the rooster is already widespread; it finds echoes in the 18th century in Strasbourg productions and a good fortune with Lachenal or Massier.

Beyond this symbolism of rebirth and flowering, the rooster is a French nationalist symbol.

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