Medallion Rattan Armchair, Perret & Vibert, France, end of 19th century

Elegant rattan armchair realized by the Perret & Vibert Manufactory in France. The originality of this armchair comes from of its chair’s back  and also from the armrests figuring a cross.

The taste for exoticism during the Second Empire explains the enthusiasm for rattan furniture. It is visible with the massive import of raw materials from Asia to produce furniture that is light and decorative. It was in this favorable context that the great Parisian houses, including the Perret-Vibert house, developed. The latter opened its doors in 1872 in Paris under the name “La maison des bambous”. The radiance of the house is dazzling and it will be rewarded several times at the World Fair. 

The rattan furniture is perfectly suited for refined interiors, verandas or other winter gardens. This new space, generally located in front of the house, extends the living room and the dining room. Nature settles in the interiors and harmonizes with the refined interior decoration.

Height: 104 cm
Width:  69 cm