Bamboo set with Noh theatre masks – Perret and Vibert, France, circa 1890

This splendid set consisting of a bench seat, two chairs and a stool from the French manufacture Perret et Vibert bears witness to the growing influence of Asia in the decorative arts of the 19th century. Made of bamboo feet and roots, lacquer panels and Noh type ceramic masks, this ensemble contrasts with simpler quadrangular shaped ensembles. Indeed, in order to break up any monotony and give more originality to the structures, Perret and Vibert have multiplied on the backrests and on the spacers the geometrical cut-outs that break the straight lines.

The small “Noh” masks – made of ceramics – add to the originality of the whole and participate in the asserted Japanese style in the creation of this furniture. The lacquer panels also add an exotic touch to the seats. As was the custom, Perret and Vibert recovered pieces of panels and chests, which they cut out to integrate black and gold lacquer on the fronts of their furniture and seats.


Height: 112 cm
Width: 131 cm
Height: 98 cm
Width: 52 cm
Height: 42 cm
Width: 50 cm