The Appuntamento : a scenography by Sandra Benhamou at the Galerie Vauclair

On a Belle Époque rattan desk lies a score of L’Appuntamento. Ornella Vanoni’s cult song is one of Sandra Benhamou’s favorite pieces. The Italian pop star evokes with her expressive voice the vagaries of love; its happiness as well as its torments. The dreamy, slightly dramatic atmosphere of this seventies ballad inspires the interior designer to create a dreamlike scenography.

The Galerie Vauclair and its winter gardens were an obvious choice for Sandra Benhamou’s new collection. The meeting between Laurence Vauclair and Sandra began with the designer’s love affair with rattan armchairs that found an intimate place in her country home. As for Laurence, she appreciates the voluptuous and soft character of Sandra’s pieces, with their thousand and one shades of brown. Never refusing to shake up the codes, Laurence and Sandra give birth to a chic and elegant marriage between old and new.