Alhambra Column, Clément Massier, circa 1890

This cache-pot on a four-column support illustratesperfeclty the eclecticism of the decorative arts at the end of the 19th century. Clément Massier (1844-1917) proposes here a spectacular model that returns to the splendour of Hispano-Moorish ceramics. The four-column base, topped by perforated capitals, supports a polylobate arch that recalls the Andalusian palaces with harmonious and polychrome decorations. The circular cache-pot is decorated  with relief interlacing motifs forming arabesques. This suit has a strong Hispano-Moorish influence both in the decorative vocabulary used and in the choice of bright colours. The decoration imitates the cashmere motif and the structure of the column itself is inspired by Mozarabic architecture. The polylobate arches on the base, the openwork motifs and the abundance of decoration allude to the great mosque of Córdoba or to the Alhambra Palace in Granada. This piece is listed in Clément Massier’s catalogue on page 50 under the name of column and basin “Alhambra”. 

Total height: 120 cm