Ceramic Stool with Storks Thomas Forester, England, circa 1880

This cylindrical ceramic stool with a blue background has a fauna and flora decoration. A couple of storks represented on either side of the two sides of the earthenware, emerge from a blue background decorated with green leaves and a stony ground. The decoration is divided into three unequal parts. We observe from top to bottom: a turquoise blue band highlighted from bottom to top by a bamboo line, then the representation of the central scene with the couple of storks on a Sèvres blue background with a palm tree decoration, finally the last space is dedicated to the ground.

The Forester factory has produced a significant number of majolica, including many pieces of table and garden furniture. Many of these ceramics have a full decoration or some motifs inspired by the Mintons manufactory but also by other famous factories. The most frequent motifs of the pieces of shapes (baskets, vases…) and services are extracted from the lexical field of flora and fauna. This factory was one of the first to adopt mechanization in the production of majolica.

Height: 54 cm