Rattan Basket Work, Perret and Vibert, France, circa 1880

This little rattan basket work made by the French furniture Factory Perret et Vibert and immerses us in the aesthetics of the winter gardens of the late 19th century. The refinement, finesse of workmanship and intimacy of the furniture implicitly refer to the winter gardens of the great aristocratic residences around 1870. This piece of furniture with two superimposed levels has a very functional utility; reinforced by its high edges. The whole is embellished with an orange chromaticism formed by the intertwining of the blades: these two tones blend perfectly with the warm colour of natural rattan. The reduced diameter of this piece of furniture refers to its function; initially devoted to snacks and fashion work. Its lightness is a remarkable example of the quality of work achieved by the Parisian Factory Perret & Vibert at the end of the century.

Height : 84 cm

Width : 47 cm