Lacquered bamboo sideboard – Perret & Vibert, circa 1880

This bamboo sideboard by the famous French manufacturer Perret & Vibert stands on two legs. The bamboo lends an Asian style to this sideboard, testifying to the artists’ attraction to Middle Eastern inspiration.

Founded by Ernest Vibert and Robert Perret, the Maison des Bambous opened in 1872 at 33, rue du Quatre Septembre. From the outset, the company offered a variety of objects in the Chinese style, as well as numerous pieces of furniture, chairs and tables made from bamboo and woven rushes. Building on its success, in the early 1890s Ernest’s son Gaston Vibert encouraged the company to move into the Asian antiques trade.

However, the company became known for its rattan creations, which were equally suited to city conservatories, country homes and seaside villas.

The company takes part in numerous exhibitions, and regularly wins awards for its “graceful and original” designs, for which “there’s no shortage of choice”. La maison des Bambous won an award at the Moscow International Exhibition in 1891, and a gold medal at the Paris Horticultural Competition in 1893. It took part in the Colonial Exhibition in Lyon in 1894, where it presented “a very rich collection of inlaid bamboos”.

Height: 78 cm
Width: 86 cm
Depth: 46 cm