Pompeii vaque with clawed feet by Clément Massier – France, 1900

This fantastic ceramic bowl with clawed feet dates from the very early 20th century.

The Massier family has been established in Vallauris since the 18th century with Pierre Massier (1707-1748) recognized as a master potter. In the south of France, this period is conducive to the manufacture of ceramics intended for everyday use such as culinary pottery, but it was not until the following century that art ceramics appeared, giving priority to aesthetics over utility.

Delphin and his brother Clément (1844-1917) and then their cousin Jean-Baptiste dit Jérôme fils (1850-1916) were at the origin of this development. They are known for their systematic use of plaster molds that allow the distribution of models and the use of glazed earthenware that allows a varied palette of colors. Delphin and Clément worked in the same workshop in their early years and presented their joint creations at the 1883 World’s Fair in Amsterdam before each went their own way.

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