Pair of vases decorated with flowers – Delphin Massier, circa 1880

This pair of vases decorated with flowers was made by Delphin Massier in the workshops of Vallauris, in the South of France. The delicate colours of the petals harmonize perfectly with the subtlety of the relief sculpture decorating the body of these pieces. The extreme delicacy of the colouring proves the care given to this piece intended for a refined clientele; who on the shores of the Mediterranean revel in bright colours in their interiors, in harmony with the local fauna and flora. The neck is surrounded by two handles in the shape of leaves curved in a green that is a testimony to Delphin Massier’s know-how as a colourist. A flower blooms on the belly while the back has the same closed flower, waiting for spring to express itself. The stems are punctuated by buds giving these pieces a subtle poetry.
These vases echo the change in ceramic production in the Massier workshops brought about by Delphin and Clément. It was not until the 19th century that ceramics of art appeared, giving priority to aesthetics over utilitarianism. The production of Massier is very varied in forms as well as in the choice of colours and techniques used. Passionate about history, they are inspired by the different eras of the past without neglecting a naturalist approach.

Longueur : 64 cm
Largeur : 44 cm